Why Choose The Small Business Marketing Handbook?

Are you tired of the endless struggle to create compelling content, engage your audience effectively, and save valuable time in the process? Say goodbye to the days of spinning your wheels, wondering which events to plan or what social content to produce. We've been in your shoes, collaborating with countless boutique owners and spearheading marketing campaigns across multiple channels of our own. Now, we're thrilled to introduce the ultimate Small Business Marketing Handbook designed to empower you with actionable ideas that can revolutionize your business today.

This marketing handbook is designed to ignite your creativity, optimize your marketing strategy, and boost your returns. With this product you can be confident that your marketing toolkit is brimming with an abundance of fresh ideas, ready to propel your success.

Monthly Branding Guide 
Craft a powerful brand identity that stands out in the crowd, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Instagram Story Content Ideas
Stay ahead of the social media game with fresh and engaging Instagram story ideas that captivate your audience.

Monthly Reel & Tiktok Content Ideas
Boost your online presence with trending video content strategies for platforms that matter.

Monthly Pinterest Pin Ideas
Unlock the potential of Pinterest with eye-catching pin ideas that drive traffic to your website.

Monthly Collection Ideas
Curate compelling collections that entice customers to explore more of your products.

Monthly Event Ideas
Plan engaging events that create buzz, drive traffic, and boost your brand's visibility.

Daily Content Ideas
Never run out of content ideas again, keeping your social media buzzing with fresh, relevant posts.

Monthly Engagement Question Prompts
Spark conversations, build relationships, and drive user engagement like never before.

Instagram #Hashtag Guide
Master the art of hashtag strategy and expand your reach on Instagram.

Group & Live Sale Game Ideas
Engage your audience and boost sales with interactive game ideas that make shopping a fun experience.

Incentives & Deals List
Attract customers with irresistible deals and creative incentives that keep them coming back for more.


Shannon Gordon

Social Media Manager 
The brilliant mind behind the Small Business Marketing Handbook since its inception in 2020, serves as the primary curator of this invaluable tool. Her firsthand knowledge and innovative thinking make her an indispensable asset in crafting the Small Business Marketing Handbook into a treasure trove of creative ideas and actionable strategies. Shannon's dedication to offering invaluable guidance and her commitment to fostering growth within the small business community shine through in the pages of this essential resource.


Charlee Johnston

Marketing Projects Manager 
A creative expert with a data-driven approach, Charlee is passionate about delivering marketing results, while having fun! Leveraging her insightful expertise in forecasting social media trends, Charlee tailored the TikTok & Reels Content Ideas section inside the Small Business Marketing Handbook, positioning it as a valuable resource for businesses seeking innovative marketing strategies with short form video content.

Alistair Schreiber

Branding Graphic Designer
Brand aesthetics and strategy is her speciality, with over 10 years of experience she leads the charge of designing and directing the core of the Hub brand. With a keen eye for aesthetics, she happily oversees the branding at markets, social media graphics, trend reports, the boutique summit branding, and web design. Alistair offers her savvy creativity in the layout design of the Small Business Marketing Handbook and the monthly branding concepts. 

Elizabeth Mullins

Junior Graphic Designer
She's the strong creative support of the graphics team and an essential part in the making of the mood boards in the monthly brand guide in the Small Business Marketing Handbook. She's a connoisseur of color palettes, a pro at social media graphics, and the creative brain of the design of the creative assets for The Boutique Hub's annual event, the Boutique Summit. 

Small Business Marketing Handbbook


  • Monthly Branding Guide -¬†NEW
  • 30+ Instagram Story Content Ideas -¬†NEW¬†
  • 360+ Monthly Reel & Tiktok Content Ideas -¬†NEW¬†
  • 120+ Monthly Pinterest Pin Ideas -¬†NEW¬†
  • 160+ Monthly Collection Ideas -¬†Expanded & Refreshed¬†
  • 150+ Monthly Event Ideas -¬†Expanded & Refreshed¬†
  • 360 Daily Content Ideas -¬†Expanded & Refreshed¬†
  • 360 Monthly Engagement Question Prompts -Expanded & Refreshed¬†
  • Instagram #Hashtag Guide -¬†Expanded & Refreshed¬†¬†
  • 20+ Group & Live Sale Game Ideas -¬†Expanded & Refreshed¬†
  • 40+ Incentives & Deals List -¬†Expanded & Refreshed
  • FREE BONUS: 2024 Fun Holiday Calendar, which features 1,000+ holidays to market around for the upcoming year.

Get Started Today and Unleash Your Creativity with this Downloadable Digital Handbook.

When you access this resource, you'll have the power to kickstart your marketing efforts, plan enticing incentives and sales strategies, create engaging video content, and orchestrate an exciting calendar of events for the entire year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your marketing and reach your business goals. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or someone looking to boost your online presence, this handbook is your go-to resource for making the most out of your marketing strategies.


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