Ever Wonder Why Some Boutiques Launch With A Bang and Others With A Whisper?


Right now, today, there are hundreds of shoppers in your city and online thinking, "I wish there was a boutique that carried such and such."  The key is know what to buy, how much to pay, and how to get the word out about your boutique.

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We're Ashley & Sara, the CEO and Director of Education at The Hub

For years we ran in the same circle of friends and talked shop each time we met up, retail was always the topic of conversations.

The science behind the business and the lack of resources available to retailers generated a lot of “What if” type discussions.  Our dreams ran wild...

The rest is history.With over 20 years of retail experience and as a former Professor of Entrepreneurism, Sara decided to join The Boutique Hub in 2017 with a mission to be the eyes and ears for retailers and help them actually build businesses not just have businesses and I made it my mission to help as many boutique owners as possible.

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  • You don't know where to start....You love clothes - they are your passion! You want your own store or online boutique, but you need to make sure you lay a solid foundation first.
  • You currently own a boutique and need a boost...  Starting An Online Boutique or a Brick and Mortar boutique can be fun and challenging.  Keeping it going can be tough.
  • You have a beautiful boutique with trendy products BUT....The customers just don't come in, your website doesn't have traffic, or your advertisements don't seem to create a return on investment. 
  • You don't believe in yourself anymore....You see other boutiques succeeding & you know what you need to do. You were excited to start, but it's harder than you think. What is your business missing?
  • ​You're wondering when you'll pay yourself...Between inventory, social media, taxes, employees, apparel markets, there is no time or money left for you. How can you make sure you are able to make this into a viable business?

Alison Grooms

First of all, I want to send a long overdue message and want to tell you how impressed I am how far The Boutique Hub has come. I was at the very first Hub meeting in Dallas.  I wasn't able to attend this past June, but I purchased a digital ticket. I was blown away by the content.  The resources that you and your team puts out blows my mind!  It has definitely helped my business.  So, THANK YOU!  You are truly an example.

April Evans

Y'all, I have this inside me and I feel like I just wanna scream on top of the rooftop and tell everyone that I hit the goal that I put for myself for the month of October!  But I can't really tell people because they think I'm bragging but you as boutique owners understand the excitement in the hard work we have to put in. I have to THANK The Boutique Hub so much for helping me.  My average sales for a month is about 50k.  Last year in October my sales were 30k.  Last night at 7pm I hit 100k for the month of October.  I'm in tears and I'm so happy.  Setting goals and crushing them!

Letitia Mcpherson - Young

Can I testify??  So when I came into this group, I was somewhat intimidated and almost felt like this wasn't for me.  Everything and everyone seemed so different.  I sold plus size only, and most people couldn't sell plus if they tried. I'm a more urban boutique while most boutiques seem to be more western or boho.  I am African American and most people seemed to be white.

When I first joined I was making NO MORE than $7 or $8k per month.   I really thought I was gonna have to close my doors.  But GOD!  We have steadily climbed and cleared over $43k this month!  My mind is blown!

  • Retail Industry: What's going on, what's changing, what trends are affecting sales, and is it right for you?
  • First Critical Steps: Where do you start? How do you prepare your mind, you wallet, and your connections for your launch or re-launch?
  • Money: How much do you need? How much should you charge? How can you make the most of what you have and not make costly mistakes?
  • ​Marketing:  How do you get the word out?  How do you keep a constant flow of customers walking through your doors? And oh yeah, how the hell do you optimize the internet?
  • ​BONUS #1: Get lean and mean! Learn how the most successful boutique owners prioritize their time.
  • ​BONUS #2:  Tracking Your Money - the reports every boutique owner should pay close attention to.
  • BONUS #3:  Advanced marketing guide - the strategies you will need to attract new customers every day.
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Buying Right

This course will teach you about buying wholesale, tracking your inventory, and how to price your items so they actually sell at a profit!

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We will walk you through the process and make sure you get started on the right foot so you're on the path to success.

How To Promote

Every boutique starts with zero social following. So what separates those that grow from those that don't? We will show you.

  • 5 MODULES: Get all the information you need to get started right.
  • 5 WORKBOOKS: Learn on your own time and record your progress. 
  • 10+ Bonuses & Templates: Accelerate your progress
  • ​Private Facebook Group:  Strategize with other boutique owners starting and growing their businesses.
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