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 In today's world, the fashion marketplace is brimming with thousands of businesses, but here's the key to setting yourself apart from the crowd: Brand Owner Basics.
Filled with exclusive digital tools and proven expert knowledge, the time has never been better to dive in and build a successful wholesale business!

Brand Owner Basics

What you will get...


Explore crucial topics such as wholesale terminology and pricing, and ignite your wholesale journey confidently with Brand Owner Basics. Gain the knowledge and tools to dominate the entrepreneurial wholesale game.


Learn how to build profitable partnerships with retailers, master collaboration with buyers, and gain insights into retailers' needs for a competitive edge in the wholesale market. Elevate your brand and secure your position as a sought-after name in the industry.


Master trade shows with Brand Owner Basics' detailed instructions for preparation, ROI-boosting strategies, and expert guidance. Elevate your trade show game and exhibit with confidence, connecting with new stores effortlessly.


Explore effective marketing strategies to boost wholesale sales, optimize your offerings, and consider territory protection. Discover innovative video-selling techniques for increased brand presence and profitability. Your journey to wholesale success begins here!


The entire list of upcoming 2024 Trade shows & Events!  Discover new markets to connect with new buyers & grow your brand!

We're Here to Support You as a Brand Owner If...


Are you a new wholesale brand seeking to establish a unique competitive position in the apparel market?

Are you a product-based business looking to venture into wholesale, and do you need help building and maintaining strong retail partnerships while expanding your distribution network?

Are you an existing wholesale brand in search of fresh ideas to scale your business, and are you considering attending retail market tradeshows to showcase your brand and products?

Do you require financial guidance for managing budgets, optimizing cash flow, and ensuring sustained profitability, regardless of your business type?


Who we are...


The Boutique Hub & Hubventory form a vast & trusted community of retail and wholesale business owners serious about growth. Our mission, led by Founder Ashley Alderson, is to foster innovation & community over competition across our industry. By offering strategic growth education, exclusive resources, wholesale shopping, live events & connections unlike any other, The Boutique Hub is the most trusted industry leader for over 10 years.

Brand Owner Basics



  • Getting Started: Master the essentials, from industry insights to strategic planning.
  • Customer Relationships: Unlock the power of partnerships with retailers and gain data-driven insights into their needs.
  • Trade Shows: Learn the art of trade shows, from preparations to showroom collaborations.
  • Sales & Marketing: Discover essential strategies for wholesale success, from pricing to live-selling techniques.
  • Bonus: 2024 Event & Trade Show List

Empower Your Brand with Brand Owner Basics

Are you just launching or ready to grow your wholesale business?  Grow with a strong foundation of what retailers are looking for, how to reach them to close sales, and what your brand needs to scale.