The ultimate step-by-step guide to starting 

your dream small business!


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The Boutique Hub is the world’s largest boutique community in the industry, connecting boutique retailers, e-commerce retailers, wholesale brands, product makers, and industry service providers and experts to provide support to all who make up the boutique community. The Hub provides daily connection through our boutique groups, our boutique membership that provides strategy and training, wholesale shopping, live events, and a voice for the boutique industry community.

What's Inside The Handbook

This handbook simplifies the 20 hoops any new boutique owner must jump through. With this guide you will be up and running faster and be able to rest assured you took all the necessary steps towards a successful business.

Getting Your Boutique Setup

Figuring out how to find your customers, picking the perfect name, and deciding on a location can be nerve racking and costly if done incorrectly. This guide will help you iron out the wrinkles and decrease the learning curve.

Clarify An Idea Unique To Your Market

Focus On The Ideal Customer

Pick The Perfect Business Name

Pick The Perfect Location - Online vs. Brick & Mortar

Register Your Boutique Name

How To Get an EIN#

Setting Up Social Media Accounts The Right Way

The Perfect Business Structure For A Boutique

Nicole J Palmer

So so impressed with this! I have a meeting with my VA on Tuesday to go over our 2021 content calendar, got two copies printed for us and we are so excited and thankful for all of the ideas!!

Anel Aguirre 

After seeing a lot of women liking the bundle I decided to buy it for my boutique. I love it! I got it printed in B&W for little less than $7, in a spiral notebook. Thank you so much for always providing great resources for us!!

Jenise Nelson

But for real this is my new BFF! I got it printed out and coil bound and it's just SO much useful info. I'm going to pre-plan and schedule posts and TAKE MY TIME AND LIFE BACK from facebook and the never ending cycle of trying to create content on a whim. Thanks for this awesome resource!!

Banking, Branding, and Budget

Opening a boutique requires permits, plans, banking accounts and many times employees.  This guide will help you get the documentation you need and a plan designed to ensure your success.

How To Apply For A Sellers Permit

Writing A Business Plan

Setting Up Checking Accounts and Banking

How To Delegate Parts Of Your Business

Creating Your Brand

Setting Goals and Benchmarks

How To Set A Budget and Succeed

Picking A Point Of Sale System

Hillary Gravett

SUPER excited about this. 

Shelli Jent

Omg!!! I already have mine printed and have been scouring over all the information!! It is so good. Thank you so much <3

Ashley Neuweg

Omg! I'm looking at just the first 2 months and I am so excited! I feel like I can finally get a hold on social media with this for 2022!

Finding Wholesalers & A Community 

Finding the perfect wholesaler can make a MAJOR impact on your new business. This guide will help you find wholesalers, guide you through your first trip to market, and give you the next educational steps.

Finding The Best Wholesalers and Vendors

Going To Market For The First Time

Continued Education - Boutique Owner Basics

Designing A Support System

How To Start A Boutique Handbook


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  • How to Start a Boutique Handbook
    • Step by Step How to Start Guide - Easy to follow 20 steps detailed guide to ensuring you start your boutique off correctly and legally!
    • Identifying Your Ideal Customer Worksheet
    • Customer Interview Guide
    • Business Plan Tip Sheet
    • Post of Sale System Cheat Sheet
    • Key Wholesale Buying Terms Guide
    • Tax Deductions Tip Sheet
    • Building an Annual Budget Guide
    • Know Your Numbers Worksheet
    • The Ultimate Guide to Retailing - 38 Business Must-Knows!
    • Brand List for New Boutiques - 125+ list of wholesale brands you can shop now!


The Boutique Hub is the world’s largest boutique industry community, connecting boutique retailers, e-commerce retailers, wholesale brands, product makers, and industry services and experts. The Hub provides daily connection, strategy, training, wholesale shopping, live events, and a voice for the boutique industry., The Boutique Hub’s sister consumer-facing platform helps shoppers discover boutiques they love.