•  eCom Retailers


    •  Brick & Mortar Retailers


    •  Wholesalers


    •  Those with at least $750,000 in annual revenue


No matter how many business owners you meet, no matter how many consultants you speak with, no one really gets what scaling a boutique is all about... 

You've built an awesome business, but you know there's more for you. 

There's new ways, easier ways, more effective ways of operating... and living. 

You're not alone, hundreds of high-achieving retailers know those exact feelings, and so do we.  Success isn't based on just hitting that sales goal, you've got more in mind. 

Despite growing workloads, expanding locations, higher traffic, and ultimately more profit, many successful boutique owners are still searching for a fellow high-level entrepreneur to bounce ideas off of, strategize with, and learn from. 

Plus the strategy that meets them where they are.




The Boutique Mastermind is for those looking for those ready to not just grow, but thrive in and out of business. 

With in-person retreats, expert coaching, and online mastermind sessions where you're expected to sit in the hot seat; the lessons learned will change the entire game. 

You're never alone, this hand selected group of business owners of all types each bring something unique to the table, so the inspiration, ideas and networking last a lifetime.


A workshop-focused experience for those with at least $750,000/year in revenue or by invitation only.

Enrollment in December 2023.
Atlanta, GA

Fall Retreat 

An elevated retreat experience for those with at least $750,000/year in revenue or by invitation only.
Terranea Resort, California

Enrollment in July 2024

"Y’all… I am so grateful! Y’all are AMAZING! Our wholesale side is a whole new level thanks to everyone in the group whether you have purchased or not! Y’all are all a piece to this puzzle!"

"Hello my loves! Just had to share we made our goal yesterday! Small for some, huge for us and it’s got me fired up!!!"

 "Alright my bada$$ friends it was amazing getting to see all of you today! That’s all, keep up the amazing work!"

We're so excited for our 2024 Mastermind retreats. If you would like to hear the updates and opportunities to join, leave your name and email below.

-An in-person luxury retreat

-2 days of expert coaching sessions designed for your level of business

-3 online Mastermind sessions

-Accountability Facebook Group