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Don't miss out on this opportunity to propel your retail business forward. 

What You'll Learn

  •  Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune
  •  Connect with new shoppers and lower your ad costs via Facebook Ads!
  •  MASTER Facebook Ads Manager!
  •  MASTER your sales funnel... awareness, retargeting, and conversion!
  •  Define Your Audience and Unique Selling Proposition
  •  Install a Facebook Ad template that allows you to duplicate campaigns at a moment's notice
  •  Promote viral posts on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.
  •  Implement the Facebook Conversion Pixel and advanced tracking strategies.
  •  Average $0.01 per engagement/like/click with my Facebook ad strategies!
  •  MASTER a short format video strategy that created an 11:1 ROAS.
  •  Increase Your LIVE sale attendance by as much as 5X
  •  Learn how to measure your results and repeat success.

This is a digital course with instant access