Are you ready to take control of your fashion retail business and not let market conditions drive your business?

It's time to take charge of your success by gaining a deeper understanding of the other half of the business, manufacturing and sourcing . 



Why Choose The Apparel Manufacturing Masterclass?


Knowing garment design and production will give you the foundation to negotiate with your vendors, improve quality and form deeper relationships.  Learn from a team of experts that lost millions from making mistakes along the way, but learned and grew incredible brands in the process.

  • Ready to elevate your fashion retail business? Discover how gaining deeper knowledge of your vendors can transform your success.
  • Communication is key! Unlock the secrets to effective vendor collaboration by speaking their language.
  • Maximize your potential! Learn how knowing the manufacturing process opens doors to innovative partnerships and your Bottom line.
  • Navigate pitfalls, secure profits! Uncover the power of informed decision-making in the fast-paced world of fashion manufacturing .
  • It's all about calculated decisions! Empower yourself with the tools to propel your business forward while mitigating potential setbacks.
  • Say goodbye to regrets! Don't let the unknown hold you back from getting what you need for your business to succeed in retail.
  • Ever left profits on the table? Gain the knowledge to avoid missed opportunities to reduce costs, negotiate terms, control quality and drive growth with confidence.

Sam Paik

 Instructor | State of Fashion
25-year journey in production, wholesale, and management, Sam Paik shares his extensive experience. Having sourced and managed production in 10 countries, overseen monthly production of 1 million units, and successfully launched, run, and sold brands, Sam brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. However, his true expertise lies in the valuable lessons he's garnered from overcoming failures and challenges.

Philippa Comfort

Instructor | Creative Culture Consulting
A seasoned fashion consultant seamlessly blends extensive industry experience with a profound passion for design. Originally from Germany, her fashion journey started in the United States, studying at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and interning with renowned brands like Michael Kors. With a successful career as an assistant designer for labels such as Theory and Helmut Lang, and co-founding the innovative athleisure brand Hologram, Philippa's expertise spans both design and production. As the owner of Creative Culture Consulting, she guides aspiring designers and brands with cost-saving strategies and efficient production techniques, offering a strategic approach to navigate the complexities of the fashion world. 

Ashley Alderson

Owner & CEO | The Boutique Hub

My name is Ashley Alderson and I”m the founder and CEO at The Boutique Hub & Hubventory.  I am excited to share with you in this program insights from the retail world, branding and marketing world and how to launch your line as it’s developed.  

From serving thousands of retailers from around the world at The Boutique Hub, to coaching businesses on an intimate level, and now with our own sources of wholesale discovery through Hubventory. 

I can’t wait to dig in with you and not only bring your next idea to life, but also to share it with the world!  


Join us on a journey of empowerment and knowledge in manufacturing, sourcing and design. Don't look back with the thought "I wish I would have known that when I got started." Know your options,  Take action, and be in control of your future.

 Enhanced Communication with Vendors

Equip yourself with the knowledge to communicate effectively with your vendors, building stronger partnerships that drive mutual success. A deeper understanding of manufacturing processes fosters seamless collaboration and ensures your vision is brought to life with precision.

Unlock Opportunities for Collaboration

Maximize the potential for strategic partnerships with your vendors. By honing your manufacturing expertise, you'll identify collaborative opportunities that lead to innovative product lines and mutually beneficial ventures, amplifying your brand's reach and influence.

 Navigate Pitfalls, Secure Profits

In the fast-paced world of fashion retail, every decision counts. Our course empowers you to navigate potential pitfalls, safeguard your profits and ensure that making money is not about losing money. Calculate the opportunity cost of bad decisions and seize control of your financial success.

Make Informed, Calculated Decisions

Risks and costs are integral to every business decision. With our course, you'll gain the tools to conduct comprehensive risk and cost analysis, empowering you to make calculated decisions that propel your business forward while mitigating potential setbacks..

Don't Let The Unknown Hold You Back

Have you ever left profits on the table because of what you didn't know? Seize the opportunity to avoid this scenario by knowing what questions to ask and taking steps with clear goals.  embrace a future where informed decisions drive your profits. 

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Take charge of your business by diving into manufacturing and sourcing. Learn from experts and their mistakes to make informed decisions and pave your way to success.

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Join us in Los Angeles

Meet us in Los Angeles! Learn from the best in the business as they exclusively show you the ins and out of building a brand. See product production and wholesale warehouse navigation in person as we show you the ropes!
LA Experience is October 2-4, 2024.



  • Retailers looking to run their own private cuts with or work smarter with their existing vendors
  • Influencers & Creators who want to launch capsule collections
  • New Brands who want to learn how to launch their own apparel line.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to decide if manufacturing is the best use of their resources

Who we are...


The Boutique Hub & Hubventory form a vast & trusted community of retail and wholesale business owners serious about growth. Our mission, led by Founder Ashley Alderson, is to foster innovation & community over competition across our industry. By offering strategic growth education, exclusive resources, wholesale shopping, live events & connections unlike any other, The Boutique Hub is the most trusted industry leader for over 10 years.