Wholesale Marketing Handbook


The Ultimate Marketing Handbook made specifically for Wholesale Brands

This handbook is designed to ignite your creativity, optimize your wholesale marketing strategy, and boost your brand's exposure. With this product you can be confident that your marketing is brimming with an abundance of fresh ideas, concepts to grow your contacts and ready to propel your success.

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The ultimate Wholesale Marketing Handbook designed to empower you with actionable ideas that can revolutionize your business today.

Social Media Best Practices and Marketing Tips

Discover proven practices and valuable tips to supercharge your wholesale brand's presence and engagement on various social platforms.

Wholesale Markets & Tradeshows

Full list and reference guide to shows across the country to grow your brand's presence at.

Pre-Show Marketing Ideas

Uncover powerful strategies to generate buzz, attract attention, and set the stage for success at your next show.

At Show Marketing Ideas

Discover effective strategies to captivate an at-market audience, drive showroom/booth traffic, and make the most of every moment during your next show.

Post Show Marketing Ideas

Uncover savvy strategies to capitalize on your trade show experience, turning connections into lasting relationships and maximizing your wholesale brand's post-event success.

Interactive Games to Play at Market

 Explore engaging strategies to captivate your audience, foster connections, and leave a lasting impression at market through innovative and fun games to incite retailers.

Wholesale Collection Ideas

Learn to curate creative product collections that not only resonates with your target market but also sets your wholesale brand apart in a crowded marketplace.

Monthly Daily Content Ideas for Social Media

Never run out of content ideas again for your wholesale brand, keeping your social media buzzing with fresh, relevant posts.

Wholesale Video Content Ideas Reels/TikTok

Boost your online presence with trending video content strategies for platforms that matter to reach new retailers.

Wholesale Group Engagement Question Prompts

Spark conversations, build relationships, and drive user engagement with your retailers like never before.

Wholesale #Hashtags and Strategy

Master the art of hashtag strategy and expand your reach on Instagram.


Ideal for those eager to expand their retail reach and online presence. Discover tactics to attract more retail buyers, and retain your current audience.


Perfect for brands seeking fresh ideas to enhance their success and grow their community on social media.. Unlock new strategies to invigorate your online presence and captivate buyers.


Tailored for those just starting out. Gain proven tips and advice to navigate wholesale marketing successfully and grow your consumer base.


A valuable resource for reps looking to maximize social media opportunities. Explore innovative ideas to connect with buyers and boost sales.

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Between The Boutique Hub & State of Fashion, our teams have 25+ years experience in attending, facilitating and showing at wholesale tradeshows. From hosting and staffing large booths at Magic, to the many regional tradeshows nationwide. The experience our two companies bring together is unmatched in the retail and wholesale space.

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